How to achieve something in life?

You strive for more. No matter what you do — think that you can be better, that you can do better , that you can achieve better. Once you strive for more, you are not going to notice how you climb the Everest, twice.. Once you strive for more, you will not question yourself what you can do to be better, there will always be ways to be better.

You will get everything once you strive for more. And it…

…it sucks. Honestly, once you strive for more any win will not matter just as you get closer to it because as soon as you get to your goal, it’s not going to be a goal anymore for you. It’s going to be something that you’ve overcome already, and by the time you get to your first “win” you will already have had another, a new win you will be striving for. And it is exhausting. Because no matter how much you try, it’s never enough. And you run around chasing new wins every time without seeing an end to your improvement

Always strive for more, but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back from time to time. Recognise your achievement because balance is something that will get you farther than any “striving” can ever do for you.